Giannis Haroulis was born and raised in Exo Lakonia, a small village in Lassithi, Crete. Inspired by the Greek, mostly Cretan, traditional music, Haroulis develops the tradition of the great singers from the island of Crete, contaminating it with instruments, sonorities, rhythms from the contemporary pop and rock culture.

Giannis Haroulis has become one of the most successful artists in Greece: a passionate interpreter and a charismatic performer, his concerts are full of energy with a distinctive connection and communication with his audience. In his constantly evolving live performances, he combines electric music with choirs, improvisation, classical elements, live looping, progressive rock, jazz, Greek and Middle Eastern influences.

His first contact with music came at the age of 6, when his father, a sculptor, showed him how to play the mandolin. Soon, he acquired his first lute and began to study the traditional folk music of his homeland. By the age of 15, he started performing at local festivals.

His first personal album, «Around Me and within», was released in 2003. Three years later came his second personal album, «Winter Flower». This unique collection of first hand materials has been highly acclaimed and well received by fans and critics. In 2010, he recorded two songs composed by Minos Matsas which were included in the soundtrack of the TV series “The Island” (based on the homonymous book by Victoria Hislop). In May 2012, his new album «Witchcrafts» was released.

Alongside his recordings, Giannis Haroulis started performing in many music halls of Athens and Thessaloniki, also touring Greece and Cyprus. He performs at about 100 shows per year, at venues ranging from 8,000 capacity theatres to small clubs and from Ancient Greek amphitheaters to modern rock stages.

Ηis collaboration with composer Stavros Xarhakos in January 2011 is considered a milestone in his career. Giannis Haroulis joined the noted composer for eight concerts dedicated to his music, as well as the songs of Manos Hatzidakis and Mikis Theodorakis, accompanied by the twelve-member State Orchestra of Greek Music.

Then came an equally important partnership with a man who belongs to the generation of major composers: in November 2012, Giannis Haroulis interpreted the songs of Nikos Mamangakis for the first time at the Athens Concert Hall, accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra, the Choir of ERT, and the Nikos Mamangakis Lyric Orchestra.

Even though it is hard to classify Giannis Haroulis in one specific music genre, his continuous experimentation, along with his background in Cretan music, has allowed him to successfully blend tradition with innovation.

His every performance is met with excitement, as he can create a perfectly friendly and intimate atmosphere thanks to his youthful freshness and spontaneity, ideally combined with solemnity and earnestness. Giannis Haroulis’ voice, both mature and passionate, allows him to transform, becoming one with each song he interprets, thus disclosing the meanings behind the lyrics. With this God-given gift as ally and companion, he invites us on a journey into past times, into worlds filled with feelings and emotions.

Designed by Yiannis Veslemes